By type of belonging:
- Deposits by residents;
- Deposits by  non-residents.

By type of contributors:
- Legal entities;
- Individuals.

By category of deposit:

  • Demand deposits – deposits, which can be claimed at any time without preliminary notice of MAO by the client. These include current funds, settlement, budgetary and other accounts related to payments or other use of the resources;
  • Savings deposits of the population are classified depending on the term and conditions of deposit operations:
        - Fixed term
        - fixed termwith additional contributions; - conditional;
        - Bearer; - on demand;
        -On current accounts and others.
  • Fixed term deposits - funds credited to savings accounts on a strictly specified time with the payment of interest. Rate on them is dependent on the size and term. That circumstance, that the owner of a term deposit can dispose of only after a specified period of time, does not exclude the possibilities of early ¬ get them MAO its funds. However, in this case the customer is reduced deposit rate to a minimum of (33% of the rate in the Agreement).

The Range of interest rates

Currency Monthly rate For more than 12 months
National 20% 22%
Dollar 17% 18%
Euros 12% 15%
Russian rubles 15% 17%

By type of Business:
-Client (current account);
-Deposit (regular savings);
- Pension;
- One time.

By order of first time deposit:
Ø From 400 somoni, the maximum is unlimited;

By maturity of investments:
Ø From 4 months to two years.

By order of receiving interest on deposits:
1. with periodic accrual and withdrawals interest;
2. withdrawals of interest at the end of the term of the deposit;
3. with capitalization, monthly accrued interest.

3.2. General rules on deposit accounts.
Opening deposit accounts regulated by legal rules and procedures governing the Republic of account opening:
• Opening a savings account is made after processing all the documents and the conclusion of the deposit agreement;
The contract shall be in writing


- High interest
-Prompt service