You plan to replenish working capital for current operations or expand a business?

Use the proposal of LLC MDO "Fininvest" and get credit for your business.

Loans to small and medium-sized businesses are provided for the purposes of working capital for production, trade and services. With this type of loan, you can:
- Expand your business;
- Purchase raw materials and semi-finished products;
- Replenish inventories;
- Implement the operating costs of the business.

Loans to small and medium-sized businesses - is:
- Access to credit at reasonable interest rates;
- Credit terms of up to 1 year;
- Different versions offering the loan

Our loans are for:
- Citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan on 18
- The owner of a registered business, is constantly active in the last 6 months

In order to get a loan you must provide the following documents:
- Passport
- Business registration documents (patent, certificate);
- Documents confirming the ownership of the collateral provided.

Upon submission of all documentation loans are provided in short notice:
From 500 to 8000 U.S. dollars up to 4 working days
8000 to U.S. $ 50,000 up to 10 working days

Loan terms:
Amount: depends on your ability to pay
Duration: up to 1 year

Our advantages are:
Flexible interest rates
Flexible hours extinguishing
0% commission
Different types of collateral
The minimum set of documents
Short time of the application
Possibility of re-lending
High quality of service

Ways of offering the loan:
At once;
Credit line.

In case of early repayment, no early repayment fee will be charged.