With consumer loans of LLC MDO"Fininvest"

your dreams will come true!

Consumer loans are given for
- Purchase of goods (furniture, appliances, computers, etc.);
- Payment of education;
- Payment for treatments;
- Travelling;
- Purchase of tickets;
- Personal goals etc.

Consumer loans are offered for:

-Individuals with steady income
-Employees of organizations and enterprises
-Persons having income from remittances

In order to get a loan you must provide the following documents:

- Passport
- Certificate of employment
- Earnings statement
- Patent or certificate of business (for self-employed);

Upon submission of all of the documents loans will be given on a short notice:

From 100 to 1000 U.S. dollars: up to 1 working day

Loan terms:

Amount: Loan amount up to $ 1,000 (equivalent in somoni)
Duration: up to 1 year

Our advantages are:

- Low interest rates
- Flexible hours extinguishing
- Confidentiality
- 0% commission
- Different types of collateral
- The minimum set of documents
- Short time of the application
- Possibility of re-lending
- High quality of service

Collateral security:

- Financial guarantee
- Homestead
- acquires goods
- Gold

Flexible repayment schedule
In case of early repayment, no early repayment fee will be charged.