By type of belonging:
- Deposits by residents;
- Deposits by  non-residents.

By type of contributors:
- Legal entities;
- Individuals.

You plan to replenish working capital for current operations or expand a business?

Use the proposal of LLC MDO "Molya va Sarmoya" and get credit for your business.

Loans to small and medium-sized businesses are provided for the purposes of working capital for production, trade and services. With this type of loan, you can:
- Expand your business;
- Purchase raw materials and semi-finished products;
- Replenish inventories;
- Implement the operating costs of the business.

With consumer loans of LLC MDO"Molya va Sarmoya"

your dreams will come true!

Consumer loans are given for
- Purchase of goods (furniture, appliances, computers, etc.);
- Payment of education;
- Payment for treatments;
- Travelling;
- Purchase of tickets;
- Personal goals etc.

Sometimes you do not have enough money for immediate needs, activities, or renovation of your apartment / house. Consumer loans from Company MDO "Molya va Sarmoya" will not make you think long and postpone anything for tomorrow. Contact us to solve your financial problems.

Our consumer loans are offered for:
-Individuals with steady income
-Employees of organizations and enterprises
-Persons having income from remittances

Do you want to open a new business or expand the old? Please contact us!

A loan from the Company MDO "Molya va Sarmoya» - «Start-up», intended to start a business or expand an existing one, offers you ample opportunities for successful business. Easy application procedure, acceptable rates.


Our loans are for
- Tajik citizens of 18 years with a good reputation;
- Experience in the field of business;
- Availability of technical competence in the activities of the business.