Guide LLC MDO "Moliya Islands Sarmoya" signed a general agreement with JSC CB "NOVIKOMBANK" the opening of correspondent accounts for foreign exchange transactions in the money markets.

- The threat of closure dollar correspondent accounts.
- Ability to receive incoming payments to your bank / financial institution or a customer of your bank / financial institution incomplete (less 30%);
On this basis, the lack of GIIN from your bank or other financial institution may lead to the following consequences:
One of the key responsibilities of FATCA party - retention and transfer to the IRS 30% of tax payments related to income from sources in the United States, directed to financial institutions not involved in FATCA (which lack GIIN). Payments According to financial institutions include payments to their clients.
We inform that the Company MDO "Moliya Islands Sarmoya" successfully registered in the IRS and received GIIN DBDAEC.99999.SL.762, thus becoming a party to financial-institution FATCA.
To fulfill these obligations to a bank or other financial institutions need to become a member of FATCA, registered in the US Tax Service (hereinafter - «IRS»), and to obtain a global identification number (hereinafter - «GIIN»).
We hereby inform that from July 1, 2014 US law "On fiscal discipline in relation to foreign accounts" (hereinafter - «FATCA») imposes a number of obligations on banks and other financial institutions around the world
Ladies and gentlemen!

The sides expressed interest and support for the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between the MDO Ltd. "Moliya Sarmoya wa" and JSC JSCIB "Education".
During the meeting, issues of bilateral inter-bank and promising areas of cooperation were discussed between the two financial institutions, as well as the opening of correspondent accounts.
December 24, 2014 there was a meeting between the management of LLC MDO "Moliya Sarmoya wa" and Management of JSCIB "Education" in Moscow.

From 14 November 2014 LLC MDO "Moliya Sarmoya wa" with the support of the NBT RT became a member of the international interbank information transmission system and make payments - SWIFT.

Membership in this system extends the scope of financial services to both individuals and legal entities - customers of MDO Ltd. "Moliya Sarmoya Islands".