We grew up in different families, we have different professional and life experience, and we are different. People cannot breathe, think and act alike. However, we are united by our core values.


Good name.

We value our good name, which have earned over the years. Our customers know: LLC MDO "Fininvest" - reliability and integrity. We appreciate this attitude and understand that a good name is our capital. We believe that money management should be ethical, and money itself should work for constructive purposes.


We strive to act with dignity, respect for self and others. We offer our clients, partners and investors transparent terms and conditions. We do not want and will not lie to each other - working together means trust. In difficult situations when you need to make a choice, we find a fair solution that takes into account the interests of all parties.

A Strong relationship with the client.

We create long-term relationships with customers. And we will do everything necessary to ensure that a person, who joined the Company MDO "Fininvest", became our regular customer and recommend us to his/her friends and partners. We carefully treat the client's confidence and seek to justify it.

Team spirit.

Our team - is a single living organism. Our relationship is based on mutual respect, mutual aid and support. Our employee is a person who knowingly and honestly fulfills his/her obligation to work with maximum efficiency. We are interested to work together to address challenges and achieve outstanding results.


With our work, we multiply the material and spiritual values ​​of Tajikistan. We are aware of themselves as part of a large country and contribute to its development. We take care of the place where we live - the country, the city of the house. We care about the place where we work - our MDO.


We are confident that family strengthens the society and country. Respect for the family, taking care of loved ones, children, parents –are the responsibilities of each of us. With our work we are strengthening the well-being of our families, and with our warmth and support we encourage our families.