Key priorities for implementation of the strategic goals for the LLC MDO "Fininvest" would be:

  • continuing development as a universal financial institution - geographic expansion (opening of branches, the Centers for providing services to the population), work in the corporate, small and medium, and retail businesses, and private banking;
  • Diversification of the credit portfolio and revenue - a strategic focus on the development of the retail business, which has the greatest growth potential, and have the greatest impact on investment;

Increasing the profitability of business lines of MDO by:

  • to use products and achieve a leading position through client-oriented model;
    development of modern distribution channels - bank cards, on savings operations, both at home and abroad, the implementation of transfer transactions (payments, etc.) at the request of customers;
  • innovation in all areas of MAO - products, technology, sales models, and business processes;

Human capital development.

Factors providing aggressive development and profitability of business:

  • Transition from product oriented approach to client-oriented approach, increasing the density of the network, serving small business clients, including through specialized formats offices.

Small business is one of the key growth drivers of the bank.

Quality of service and high speed credit decisions are also a priority for us.

At the end of 2015 MDO "Fininvest" aims to achieve a leading position in the market for corporate control lending and attracting deposits from individuals and businesses, provision of other microfinance services

The main factors of business developmentare:

  1. We are for open and transparent relationship with the clients. Interests and needs are the fundamentals upon which the decisions will be based on
  2. We are ready for dialogue with partners and clients. We build constructive relationships with government agencies
  3. We will also pay close attention to the diversification of our customer base.
  4. The main objectives of our business: active development in the regions – through the use of a competitive advantage in terms of service, product and price offer;
  5. Indicators of effectiveness and efficiency is considered to be increasing professionalism of the staff. The Company's management supports initiatives for professional development and gaining skills through trainings. Accrued experience and skills contribute to team building.