We work for people

We contribute to the prosperity of Tajikistan, solving the financial problems of our clients, investors and partners, and ensuring the well-being of our employees.

We allow money to work for good. We know what, when and how to do it so that money becomes capital. We know the value of money and with all of our activities in the country we form the culture of money management. Helping to manage capital, we create new opportunities for Tajikistan, the more confident Tajiks feel about the future, the stronger becomes Tajikistan. 

Through us, people gain confidence in their future

People working with us and trust us their money because our MDO is known as a reliable partner. Our professionalism and our programs give people the opportunity to get an education, to improve living conditions, increase savings, to develop their own business, to ensure the future of their children. We work for everyone. We take reasonable risks and are enabling businesses of all sizes to grow and develop.

We are proud of our work, proud of our MDO. We do not just cater our customers. We help people to find the best financial solutions for the implementation of their plans. For us it is important that each of our employees in the workplace found and implemented solutions that are optimal for a particular customer and profitable for the organization.Thus each of our work will create new opportunities for our customers and partners, shareholders and investors, for ourselves and for our colleagues, and also for the country in which we live and work.