We grew up in different families, we have different professional and life experience, and we are different. People cannot breathe, think and act alike. However, we are united by our core values.


Good name.

We value our good name, which have earned over the years. Our customers know: LLC MDO "Fininvest" - reliability and integrity. We appreciate this attitude and understand that a good name is our capital. We believe that money management should be ethical, and money itself should work for constructive purposes.


We strive to act with dignity, respect for self and others. We offer our clients, partners and investors transparent terms and conditions. We do not want and will not lie to each other - working together means trust. In difficult situations when you need to make a choice, we find a fair solution that takes into account the interests of all parties.

A Strong relationship with the client.

We create long-term relationships with customers. And we will do everything necessary to ensure that a person, who joined the Company MDO "Fininvest", became our regular customer and recommend us to his/her friends and partners. We carefully treat the client's confidence and seek to justify it.

Team spirit.

Our team - is a single living organism. Our relationship is based on mutual respect, mutual aid and support. Our employee is a person who knowingly and honestly fulfills his/her obligation to work with maximum efficiency. We are interested to work together to address challenges and achieve outstanding results.


With our work, we multiply the material and spiritual values ​​of Tajikistan. We are aware of themselves as part of a large country and contribute to its development. We take care of the place where we live - the country, the city of the house. We care about the place where we work - our MDO.


We are confident that family strengthens the society and country. Respect for the family, taking care of loved ones, children, parents –are the responsibilities of each of us. With our work we are strengthening the well-being of our families, and with our warmth and support we encourage our families.

We work for people

We contribute to the prosperity of Tajikistan, solving the financial problems of our clients, investors and partners, and ensuring the well-being of our employees.

We allow money to work for good. We know what, when and how to do it so that money becomes capital. We know the value of money and with all of our activities in the country we form the culture of money management. Helping to manage capital, we create new opportunities for Tajikistan, the more confident Tajiks feel about the future, the stronger becomes Tajikistan. 

Through us, people gain confidence in their future

People working with us and trust us their money because our MDO is known as a reliable partner. Our professionalism and our programs give people the opportunity to get an education, to improve living conditions, increase savings, to develop their own business, to ensure the future of their children. We work for everyone. We take reasonable risks and are enabling businesses of all sizes to grow and develop.

We are proud of our work, proud of our MDO. We do not just cater our customers. We help people to find the best financial solutions for the implementation of their plans. For us it is important that each of our employees in the workplace found and implemented solutions that are optimal for a particular customer and profitable for the organization.Thus each of our work will create new opportunities for our customers and partners, shareholders and investors, for ourselves and for our colleagues, and also for the country in which we live and work.

Dear colleagues and partners, we are pleased to welcome you toour website.

LLC MDO"Fininvest", being the successor of CJSCMDO "Bunyodi Jam," continues thegoodtradition ofthe organization, in order to provide timelyandprofessionalmicrofinance servicesto the population, in general,supports andpromotes the development ofbusinesses in the country.

Takingits rightful placein the microfinancemarketsociety, the organization is expanding its geographic influence. Our clients are entrepreneurs fromcities andsurrounding countryside: Vahdat,Tursunzade, Dushanbe, Hissar, Varzob, Rudaki.

Ltd.Micro depositcredit institution using its possibilitiesunder existinglegislation,under the licenseof the National BankRT,provides a widerange of servicesin national and foreigncurrencylending to smalland mediumbusiness (with collateral). It should benoted that thelegal entitiesthat we serve are able to obtainan overdraft.We attractsavings from individuals(national and foreign citizens)  andlegal entities.More than20 organizationsare oncash management services.We also provide services on transferring funds, forward and swaptransactions.We are an agent for the productionand distributionof bank cards(for internaland external use). An exchange office is available for our clients.We provideinformation and advisoryservices.

Key priorities for implementation of the strategic goals for the LLC MDO "Fininvest" would be:

  • continuing development as a universal financial institution - geographic expansion (opening of branches, the Centers for providing services to the population), work in the corporate, small and medium, and retail businesses, and private banking;
  • Diversification of the credit portfolio and revenue - a strategic focus on the development of the retail business, which has the greatest growth potential, and have the greatest impact on investment;

Increasing the profitability of business lines of MDO by:

  • to use products and achieve a leading position through client-oriented model;
    development of modern distribution channels - bank cards, on savings operations, both at home and abroad, the implementation of transfer transactions (payments, etc.) at the request of customers;
  • innovation in all areas of MAO - products, technology, sales models, and business processes;

Human capital development.

Factors providing aggressive development and profitability of business:

  • Transition from product oriented approach to client-oriented approach, increasing the density of the network, serving small business clients, including through specialized formats offices.

Small business is one of the key growth drivers of the bank.

Quality of service and high speed credit decisions are also a priority for us.

At the end of 2015 MDO "Fininvest" aims to achieve a leading position in the market for corporate control lending and attracting deposits from individuals and businesses, provision of other microfinance services

The main factors of business developmentare:

  1. We are for open and transparent relationship with the clients. Interests and needs are the fundamentals upon which the decisions will be based on
  2. We are ready for dialogue with partners and clients. We build constructive relationships with government agencies
  3. We will also pay close attention to the diversification of our customer base.
  4. The main objectives of our business: active development in the regions – through the use of a competitive advantage in terms of service, product and price offer;
  5. Indicators of effectiveness and efficiency is considered to be increasing professionalism of the staff. The Company's management supports initiatives for professional development and gaining skills through trainings. Accrued experience and skills contribute to team building.