Visa and Master Card

Online transfer from plastic cards:


Online transfer from plastic cards: Visa and Master Card


Instant transfer with plastic cards Visa and Master Card / from Tajikistan.
This offer is specially designed for customers - holders of plastic cards VISA and Master Card. It is now possible to carry out money transfers without leaving home or office. MDO Ltd. "Moliya Sarmoya wa" and payment system "Unistream" are its customers a completely new proposal, which can greatly facilitate the process of money transfer!


Online Transfer

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LLC MDO"Fininvest", being the successor of CJSCMDO "Bunyodi Jam," continues thegoodtradition ofthe organization, in order to provide timelyandprofessionalmicrofinance servicesto the population, in general,supports andpromotes the development ofbusinesses in the country.

Takingits rightful placein the microfinancemarketsociety, the organization is expanding its geographic influence. Our clients are entrepreneurs fromcities andsurrounding countryside: Vahdat,Tursunzade, Dushanbe, Hissar, Varzob, Rudaki.

Ltd.Micro depositcredit institution using its possibilitiesunder existinglegislation,under the licenseof the National BankRT,provides a widerange of servicesin national and foreigncurrencylending to smalland mediumbusiness (with collateral). It should benoted that thelegal entitiesthat we serve are able to obtainan overdraft.We attractsavings from individuals(national and foreign citizens)  andlegal entities.More than20 organizationsare oncash management services.We also provide services on transferring funds, forward and swaptransactions.We are an agent for the productionand distributionof bank cards(for internaland external use). An exchange office is available for our clients.We provideinformation and advisoryservices.